Payment Information

Payment Information

Types of payment (3 possibilities)

1.We are currently accepting credit/debit cards under Visa/MasterCard logos.

2. Simple bank transfare

  Company: Jurdas LTD

  •   Company address:  Savanorių pr. 59-12A Vilnius, Lithuania. LT-03149

    • IBAN.:   LT58 7044 0600 0775 5465
    • Bankas:   AB SEB bankas
    • Bank address: Gediminas avenue, Vilnius, Lithuania 
    • Reference: Your order number

    3. Paypal payment 


    If you choose this payment method it will automatically create payment desk there you just need to proof your payment.

    Time of payment process

    With payments by online deduction or credit card your account is debited within a week.

    Import charges or import sales tax

    With deliveries to countries outside the EU additional duties, taxes and charges are due. You can find more information about customs duties for example at

    If you realy  need we could send parcel as gift or send with smaller value, just please inform about it. 

    SWIFT-fee/conversion fees

    If delivery address is outside of Lithuania, SWIFT-fees and/or conversion fees may apply.

    Conversion fees

    Your invoice will be either in Euro or in USD. The conversions of all currencies to Euro or USD (for example Swiss Franks) will be handled by your financial institution (i.e. your bank for transfers, your credit card issuer MasterCard or VISA). The currency conversion fees are usually less than 0.5 percent of the order value. Since your credit card processor and not the sender of the shipment charges currency exchange fees, they will not be reimbursed in case the product is returned.