Fields of application and therapy effects

On the basis of the high level of comfort of PeniMaster®PRO the gentle elongation of the penis can be experienced safely as regards to its sexually inspiring effect directly upon application. Although the elongation is no longer noticeable consciously after a very short period of time already, the penis is constantly in the subconscious of the brain at all times by means of the aforementioned. This subliminal biological feedback loop may have extremely positive effects on the sexual basic feeling and have the man notice and experience himself as man in every situation in a conscious manner.

Important product features:

  • Penis lengthening erect
  • Penis lengthening non-erect
  • Penis circumference
  • Therapeutic fields of application
  • physiologic-anatomic biological functional design
  • supported by combined vacuum, adhesion, and positive-locking fit (!)
  • optionally applicable with lubrication oil (!)
  • adapts to the glans, without crushing
  • for each penis size, suitable for circumcised and uncircumcised men
  • protection of the foreskin and lymph
  • immediately comfortable, without familiarisation
  • can be worn without pump ball as well, simple handling
  • easy cleansing procedure, ideal hygiene by means of latex encapsulation of the contact points

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PeniMaster®PRO Upgrade Kit I

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